Application Instructions

The application is currently close and will reopen November 15, 2019 !

Students are required to submit an online application by the deadline.  Notification emails will be sent to students on or before the end of March.  Please note, students who previously participated in BLAST are NOT eligible to apply as we wish to provide as many students as possible a BLAST experience . 

Once you have submitted the on-line application, you will receive an email confirming the submission.

Once a student enters his/her name and email address is given, the application has a "registered" status. At any point a student may save the information input into the fields.  Once ALL the fields are completed with the required information and requested documents are uploaded, the student should hit the "submit" button at the bottom of the application.  An application will be "complete" when the letter of recommendation is submitted by a teacher or counselor of the student's choice.

*Note: If you receive a notification that your application is not complete but you know you completed all the fields, check to make sure that you hit the "submit" button.


You must upload a copy of your MOST RECENT report card, OR interim grade report.

Helpful Suggestion: If you have a copy of a document that is not in an electronic format, you will need to scan and save the document. With some operating systems, you can save that file as (Save As) a .PDF file. If you do not have that capability, there are several free online programs to allow you to convert the file to a .PDF document. Your school guidance office or computer lab should have a scanner that you may use. Another option is to go to your local library or an office supply store, and they usually offer scanning services for a small fee.  If you have problems, ask your teacher or school office for help.


As part of your application packet you are required to provide one letter of recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor who is familiar with you and who can attest to your academic qualifications.

Once you have submitted your application and included the email address of the educator who is providing the recommendation for you, the system will email this person instructions on how to submit an on-line letter of recommendation on your behalf. Please inform them that they will be receiving an email from with these instructions.

*Note: It is the responsibility of the student to follow up with the person who is providing a letter of recommendation as often as it takes to ensure the recommendation is submitted electronically by the deadline.